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 Learn all parts of CNC G-Code programming:

CNC Lathe Programming & Setup
CNC Mill Programming & Setup

All details of Lathe-Mill Programming and Setup on a series of 2 hour long  DVDs:

Start learning for free:
There is a condensed version of all CNC lathe and mill  skills on my DVD called "CNC Partmaking"

Go to www.youtube.com  and put in Heinz Putz, CNC Partmaking.
It will come up in 5 parts.
Click Part 1, play it and start learning from all 5 Parts.

Have fun learning, call me at 614-888-8466 with any questions. Heinz.


Here are the CNC DVDs.

Each is 2 hours long and teaches CNC skills in great detail.

Look them over carefully to make sure its really what you need to learn.
Call or write for free advice with any questions.

Heinz at 614-888-8466.

The DVD packages:

The complete Lathe- Mill package of CNC skills: 
It consists of 8 DVDs, they are:
"Math 1"

"Lathe Programming"
"Lathe Setup"

"Mill Programming"
"Mill Set Setup"

"Cutter Comp for lathes and mills"
"Cycles/Shortcuts for lathes and mills"

Each is 2 hours long and will teach you all the skills you need for efficient Lathe- Mill programming and setup for: 
Fanuc, Yasnac, Mitsubishi or any of the Fanuc alike CNC controls, such as Haas, Fadal, etc..
The purchase of any DVD package also includes CNC programming and part production help by phone or email.

Price per DVD is $100.- paid by Credit Card, deduct 10% if paid by check.

To order, call me with your order and mailing address: 614-888-8466

Description of the CNC DVD content:

1)Prep for CNC: You will learn  the practical skills necessary for CNC utilization, such as the  coordinate systems for lathes and mills, how to program rapids with G0, straight and angular feeds with G1, radius motions with G2 or G3, proper speed and feed calculations, time estimating, tool shapes and tool offsets and many of the other skills necessary for productivity. 
Fanuc control input and editing examples are also included.
This DVD applies to both lathes and mills and will teach you  the foundation of knowledge needed for programming lathes and mills.

2)Simplified CNC Math 1:  
Its called "Simplified" because it is meant for a person without math background.  This will teach you the skills essential to everyone involved in manual CNC programming. Calculations for angles, radius-tangent points and partial radius cuts are explained in a programming context, based on the use of a trig-function calculator. 
Speed, feed calculations and control use are introduced. This course has been taught to industry since 1974 and requires minimal math background.

3)Programming the Modern CNC Lathe :
This  DVD teaches the efficient  method of programming various Fanuc CNC lathe controls, starting with the 6T to todays controls such as the 16T, 21T, etc. 
It is based on the Fanuc method of programming and covers examples for various typical lathe operations, such as turning, drilling and threading. 
Cutting examples, tool offset changes, along with programming typical part shapes are shown, each example is complete with all necessary calculations for depth of cuts, feedrates and speeds.

4)Modern CNC Lathe Setup :
This DVD teaches  the proper hands-on use of a typical, late model CNC lathe.
.You will see the actual hands-on use of a CNC lathe with the Fanuc 0T control and learn machine startup, control input of programs, editing, setting the machine coordinates, offset setting and changing.

5)Programming the Modern CNC Mill :
This DVD will  teach you the method of programming the modern CNC mill control, starting with the 6M control to the controls available on new machines today, with examples for all typical mill operations, such as drilling and tapping with the use of Canned Cycles, contour milling and other typical mill operations. 
It is also based on the Fanuc method prevalent in industry and directly applicable to a large majority of today's mill controls.

6)Modern CNC Mill Setup:
This DVD concentrates on the actual control use and part making. Control input, editing, setting of tool lengths and coordinate systems will be shown and explained.  Tool setting and coordinate system setting will be shown and explained with the use of a Vertical Machining Center.
Part improvement methods are shown by running a part  and then editing the program  for part cycle time improvement. 
Both the Fanuc 0M and a Mitsubishi control are used to show input and editing on the control.

7)Using Cutter Comp on Lathes and Mills: 
The proper use of cutter compensation in mills and noseradius compensation in lathes is shown and fully explained in a variety of examples.
The G-Codes for all controls are the same, only the method of application differs somewhat from control to control.  
The Fanuc method is described in detail in this DVD with many examples for different types of applications for mills and lathes.

8)Canned Cycles and Shortcuts:  
 Time savings, both in programming time and cutting time, are realized by the use of this valuable feature. 
The Fanuc lathe cycles for turning, boring, threading and grooving, G71, G70, G76, G75 and G74, are explained and shown with many examples. Look on the website for an example of the G71 cycle.
Sub programs calls by M98 for mills and lathes and many other timesaving shortcuts for lathes and mills are described and shown and explained.


The following DVDs teach the skills needed for some of the older Fanuc Lathe and Mill controls.

CNC Partmaking: It is a condensed version of all DVDs with short examples of all CNC skills.

Math2: An addition to Math1 teaches calculations for unusual lathe and Mill shapes.

Supplemental Math: The calculations necessary for nose-radius compensation. 
Needed for any control without the feature of automatic nose-radius compensation, such as the Fanuc 5T, the Yasnac 2000 Series and many other, older controls. 
(Note: This is one of our original videos, it is not updated).

 Programming the Fanuc 5T and Yasnac 2000 series Control: You will learn  the exact method of programming the older (pre-1980) controls. Data input, tool selection and speed selection unique to these older controls are explained, along with complete program examples. 
(Note: This is one of our original videos, it is not updated).

Programming the Fanuc 0MF control:
A lot of Vertical Machining Centers, especially those imported from Asia, came with the Fanuc 0MF control. 
This is Fanuc's version of a Conversational mill control and this DVD fully explains and shows the programming method. 
It also shows and explains various machining sequences.

Machine Shop People
Learn the many skills you need to become a Combination CNC Programmer/ Setup Machinist.
Learn all the skills you need from my CNC DVDs.
Once you learn these skills, expect to increase your pay substantially.
Check out the DVDs .
Also start learning from the Lathe-Mill examples.

Precision Lathe and Mill Shops:
If you are just getting into CNC lathe or mill work and need any help, call, advice is free.
If you have CNC already and need to improve your CNC productivity, check out my CNC DVDs or call for possible in-house training.

Schools, Colleges:
Please consider starting CNC courses, its a very much needed skill with jobs available anywhere in the US and around the world.
If I can be of help to train you people and set up a 1st. class training program, contact me.

Heinz at 614-888-8466.


My Job is to: 
"Improve your CNC Productivity"

My goal is to pass unto you and your people all the detailed skills in every part of CNC lathe and mill production I learned in my many years (30+) of using and teaching CNC.
Over my years of training, I have never seen a shop whose productivity could not be improved by at least 10%, usually you can expect a lot more.
Call me to set up an evaluation: 

Heinz at 614-888-8466.

Remember this:
"The more you Learn, the more you Earn!" 
There are many, many jobs in CNC available around the US, in Canada and also around the world.
Learn all you can in programming, machine setup and efficient part production from my CNC DVDs and you will qualify for a really good
job in CNC.
Call me with any questions:  Heinz:  hputz@columbus.rr.com 

There are 2 ways for you to learn :

 CNC Training  in all details of Lathe and Mill programming and Setup from
my  series of CNC DVDs, each 2 hours long.

CNC in-house Training,
using your machines to teach your people to produce parts as efficiently as possible. 
My goal is to teach you every part of CNC knowledge you need for efficient CNC lathe and mill production.
Every fact and detail is based on the personal knowledge I gained in over 30 years of CNC production and teaching and is backed up by my personal help, by phone or email questions.

In-House training costs.

Cost per day in the USA : $750.- plus reasonable lodging and travel cost.
Class size: 4-6 people .
S100.- per day for additional students.
Call me with details of your machines, controls.  
Heinz .



My main concern is to make the shop people that learn from my CNC DVDs as good in CNC as possible.
We all know what a great job CNC is and the more you know, the better your chances are to get a really good secure and good paying job.
So start learning from my examples.
 Call me or write with any question, 
Heinz at 614-888-8466

One of my really interesting recent Jobs:
Training CNC Setup, Programming and Partmaking to the US Navy in New Jersey.

They were kind enough to give me this terrific plaque of appreciation.
I trained several sailors on both CNC lathes and mills to produce spare parts for ships traveling the Atlantic. 
You can see the 3 pronged pier where the ships land, on the picture below.
The facility is in NJ, very close to overlooking the City of New York. We could actually see the Statue of Liberty from the pier.


Learn all details of CNC Lathe and Mill G-Code programming, including:

1) Learn to write detailed and efficient CNC Lathe and Mill programs.

2) Learn to calculate Speeds and Feeds for turning and milling, use Noseradius compensation for Lathes and Cutter comp for Mills.

3) Learn to efficiently use Canned Cycles for Lathes-Mills.

4) Learn my "Simplified Math" method to define part shapes.

Call me at anytime from anywhere in the world with any programming question and I will try to help you to the best of my ability.
All detailed advice is free.

Ask for Heinz at:

Heinz R. Putz
195 Sinsbury Dr. N.
Worthington, Oh 43085


  There are a number of ways to learn the details of CNC programming and machine use.

1) Learn all details  from my CNC DVDs.

To look at one of my  CNC programming samples on DVD, 

Go To:

Put in:

Learn CNC Programming

2) Come here, Columbus, OH, for individual hands-on training on CNC Lathes, Mills.

3) Contact me for classes and hands-on training at your facility, using your machines and teaching you and your people to produce your CNC  parts as efficiently as possible.
Call me for details: 614-888-8466

For many detailed and fully explained program examples
 about CNC turning or milling, click on the 2 pages below:

Learning CNC Lathe

       Learning CNC Mill 

Getting a job in CNC:
 Right now and for many years to come, CNC is one of the best and best paid jobs anywhere in the world. 
One rule:
 The more you know, the more you get paid, so start learning and learn as much as you can.

Heinz R. Putz
Center for CNC Education
195 Sinsbury Dr. N .
Worthington, OH 43085



  Special note to skilled machinists: 

The most important part of your job right now is to stay current with new technology, and for skilled machinists that means CNC turning and milling programming and setup.   

To greatly enhance your job opportunities, you need to learn the skills of programming and setup for  CNC mills and lathes, especially with Fanuc CNC controls.  

Look over the DVD content descriptions and decide what you need. Call me and tell where your CNC skills are right now and discuss your particular needs  before you decide to buy.
Pricing opportunities to individuals that need to enhance their job skills: Call me for special price opportunities.

Send an e-mail to: hputz@columbus.rr.com

Or call:
Heinz R. Putz

Here is a picture from my latest CNC lathe training job, its an Ikegai TU30 with the Fanuc 0IT control and a 15" chuck.
It turned out to be a very user-friendly machine, its available from www.industrialmachinery.com  , all buttons are clearly marked as to their function, it has a door interlock override switch that automatically reduces rapids while you have the door open for setup,  you can see the interlock switches mounted right above the door in the picture.
Its quite a large machine, you can turn 25" with the right tool setup.




The above picture  is a view from the DVD called "Cutter Comp", it shows and explains some of the details invloved in setting mill comp.  It is typical of the detailed CNC instruction given in all of my CNC DVDs.

About myself:

My background includes a German apprenticeship in precision machining, many years and many jobs in the US as a toolmaker and finally the job of my dreams, an opportunity to learn CNC for a company called SMT-Swedish Machine Tool.
We manufactured and sold our first real CNC lathe in 1974, well before Fanuc became the standard of the industry it has now been for so many years. My job was to teach our 1 week class in Chicago and then follow it up by going to the customers place and setting up and running the first several jobs.
As you can imagine. I was exposed to many different kinds and types of jobs and learned very much about machining all kinds of materials and producing many types of parts.
I started consulting for Fanuc in the early 80s and as a CNC education consultant to Fanuc, I taught their CNC lathe and mill classes in Chicago and had the opportunity to study the Fanuc method in-depth. 
In the following 30+ years in my full-time job as a CNC training specialist  since then, I've had the opportunity to train 100s of CNC shops and refine my own skill and study the methods of many successful CNC shops around the US and Canada.
My goal is to pass this knowledge on to you in the form of my DVDs and to make you as successful as the effort you are willing to put into learning.

Comprehensive CNC Manufacturing Consulting available.

On this website you will see pictures of oilfield motors being manufactured with the use of CNC lathes and mills in Corpus Christi, Texas.  
My services there included parts analysis for CNC manufacture, machine and tool selection, time estimating for profitability, the training of operators and programmers and the actual setting up and production of CNC parts.
Contact me at the below email or phone if I can do a similar service for your company.

Call for Heinz: 614-888-8466
Email: hputz@columbus.rr.com 

If you need any Fanuc or other CNC programming help or advice right now, call or email to me at the number you see below...

Call anytime, days, evenings, weekends. If you get my answering machine, leave a clear message with your phone number and I promise to call you back as soon as possible.

Phone advice is free
and if you should purchase any of the DVDs,  so is follow-up phone help.


Heinz R. Putz 
Center for CNC Education
195 Sinsbury Dr. N.
Worthington, OH 43085


Here is an example of in-house training that involves teaching programming, but more importantly, produces low volume customer parts. 

If you need hands-on CNC training on lathes or mills, actually programming and producing your parts, take a look at a part we made during a training job on a 42" swing CNC lathe with a Fanuc control  in Corpus Christi, Texas, during early 2008.

The part is for a 1500 HP motor used in the oil fields, its quite large as you can see with a couple of very close tolerance bearing fits of +-.0005".
We used the G71 cycle for roughing and the G70 for finishing.  There is a thread that was cut with the G76 cycle. 
It was fun to make it, but quite exciting, each finished part was worth in excess of $6000.-

Same shop, totally different type of machine:

Here I am teaching Bryan to make a large Oil Field motor housing on a 4 pallet Horizontal Machining Center with the Fanuc 21 control.
The pallet on our left has a 40" square Tombstone the we made using the machine and the cutter we are using has a 10" diameter.
This was their first Machining Center and my worked involved teaching programming, but more importantly, solving a lot of machining problems


I developed my "Simplified Method of Fanuc CNC Lathe and Mill Programming" during my work as CNC Education Consultant to Fanuc in Chicago.

Over the last many years I fine-tuned this method by incorporating ideas and skills I observed and learned from the many shops I trained around the US and Canada.

My CNC DVDs will teach you this method in exact detail, with examples for lathe and mill programs using speed and feed calculations, Cutter Comp, the Canned Cycles and Sub programs.

Look them over from the list, then call me to discuss the controls and machines you work on. I want to make sure the DVDs will teach exactly you what you need to make your CNC manufacturing successful.

Note: Before you decide to purchase any of the DVDs,  please call me anytime, including evenings or weekends, at 614-888-8466 to discuss exactly what you need to learn.  I want to make absolutely sure that my DVDs apply specifically to what you are trying to accomplish.

Heinz R. Putz  614-888-8466 


As a CNC shop owner or manager, you want to make sure you make your parts and setups more efficiently than your competitors. As all of you know, getting CNC turning and milling work and producing CNC parts, is very, very competitive, and its almost certain that all of your customers want to get a lower price.
I have never trained a CNC machine shop that could not have reduced their cycle time by at least 10%, and usually by a lot more, often as much as 30%.
So learn and apply the methods I pass on to you in these DVDs and I am sure you too, will get a lot more efficient.

If you are a CNC manager in a larger company, work hard on establishing a common level of CNC knowledge with everyone involved in the total CNC process. The more everyone involved knows about some of the details of CNC, the better the chances for a smooth manufacturing process. The smoothest running shops I trained, usually had great cooperation between Design,  Mfg. Engineering,  the Shop, and even Inspection, and that is only possible with a basic understanding of the real problems in CNC production.  
Its possible to learn all of the pertinent skills from the DVDs, but it would be better to consider a short in-house course to teach your people these skills.

Heinz R. Putz 
Center for CNC Education
195 Sinsbury Dr. N.
Worthington, OH 43085



 In the above partial example for a Fanuc 6T control, you see me explaining the proper method to call tools, setting the tool coordinates with the G50, the Gear Range(M41), and also explain the proper feed rate to achieve surface finishes such as 32 or 63. 



This explains how the feedrate in turning relates to the desired surface finish, based on a 1/32 noseradius insert. A feedrate of F.003 will give you very close to a 32 finish, F.006 a 63 finish, etc.


Example: G76 in 2 line format for OT and later controls.
2" diameter, 20 Threads per Inch, Mild Steel.

N1 G50 S1500*
N2 T0101*
N3 G97 S700 M3*(Speed for threading, always in RPM)
N4 G0 X2.2 Z.2 M8*(Rapid to above part, .2" from face)
N5 G76 P021060 Q20 R5*(The first 2 digits in P represent the amount of finish passes, the next 2 are the pullout distance at the end of the threading motion, expressed in tenths of revolutions, the 60 is the angle of the tool)
N6 G76 X1.94 Z-1.0 P300(total thread depth) Q150(depth of first cut) F.05* 
R if needed is the amount of taper over total distance in thread motion.
The P value is figured by taking the F-value times the constant of .6, once figured you also have the X value.
N7 G0 X6.0 Z6.0 M9*
N8 M30*

  A special note to CNC machine operators and skilled machinists: 
The most important part of your job right now is to stay current with new technology, and for skilled machinists that means CNC turning and milling programming and setup.   To greatly enhance your job opportunities, you need to learn the skills of programming and setup for  CNC mills and lathes, especially with Fanuc CNC controls.  Look over the DVD content descriptions and decide what you need. Call me and tell where your CNC skills are right now and discuss your particular needs  before you decide to buy.
Pricing opportunities to individuals that need to enhance their job skills: Call me for special price opportunities.

CNC Knowledge.

Example of Fanuc turning cycle:  

  G71 for the 0T control. (For G74,G75 and G76, write or call.) 
Here is what you want to achieve: Turn a 4" piece down to a 2" diameter, 1" back in the length direction. The part is already faced, so we only do the rough turning and leave a little stock for finishing.

     O1000(Program number)
     N1 G50 S2500(Max speed)
     N2 T0101
     N3G96 S600 M3(Speed in SFM for 1018 Steel)
     N4 G0 X4.0 Z.1 M8(Rapid to OD of part, .1" away from face, turn coolant on)
     N5 G71 U.15  R.02(U=cutting depth, R= pullaway distance after each cut)
     N6 G71 P7 Q9 U.05 W.005 F.015(P7 tells the control to look at N7 and Q9 to look at N9, this is how we  give the motions describing the part. 
     U is the amount of stock left for finishing on the OD, W is the amount left on the shoulder.          
     N7 G0 X2.0
     N8 G1 Z-1.0 
     N9 X4.0
     N10 G0 X6.0 Z6.0 M9(Rapid back to a position clear of the part, turn coolant off)
     N11 M30( End of program)
     Notes: The 6T version has a single line and so do various Yasnac controls, they look like this:
     N5 G71 P7 Q9 U.05 W.005 D1500 F.015(D= depth of each pass and has to be given as a value
     without a decimal point)
     This cycle is normally followed by G70( Finish Cycle) after tool change to a finish tool. Rapid to the 
     same position for the start of the G71, then program G70 P7 Q9.
     This cycle has been available in slightly modified form since about 1975 and is used by everyone.  flexible, easy to use and learn.
 Any questions, call me at 614-888-8466, ask for Heinz.
Heinz R. Putz

Learn to stay in shape for machineshop work:

A recommended CNC book:

The "CNC Programming Handbook" by Peter Smid.
Its factual, detailed and accurate, I recommend it highly.
Contact Peter Smid directly at psmid@nas.net

A manufacturer of good belt sanders for shops and hobby

CNC Education on CD. :

Learn more about G-Codes and basic CNC: www.nfrpartners.com/cncfaq.htm

The Centroid Control: Easy to learn, very, very capable, huge memory.
This is my recommendation for a jobshop or moldmaking control:

Mills and lathes with the Centroid control:

Midwest dealer for Atrump mills with Centroid:

California CNC parts:

Fanuc Replacement Parts in beautiful Virginia:



United Kingdom-Europe, CNC parts for Fanuc controls:

Replacement Monitors for many CNC Controls:

Reasonable replacement parts for you CNC:

Attention CNC users in Australia: 
If you need service, parts or education, look at: www.shera.com.au

A very good source for all types on Fanuc CNC replacement parts in Australia:

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CNC Router users: Build your own machine and save.

Precision CNC machining services in Milwaukee:

Selected Machinery Dealers:

Great Service, with a lot of expertise in CNC and manual machinery.  Make sure to check this out.

A big selection of CNC and manual machines.